Environmental, Social & Governance
Commitment to Our Environment

Managing GHG Emissions

Commitments and Challenges

The Group is conscious of the environmental impact associated with its business activities. It strives to be a positive contributor to environmental sustainability and is committed to protecting the environment by managing its footprint across its network and operations.

Climate change is a global challenge that poses an imminent threat to communities and businesses. Its impacts present both risks and opportunities to the assets and businesses of the Group. The Group strives to be more resilient to risks attributable to climate change by integrating climate change considerations across its businesses and actively identifying and developing strategies to address challenges.

HTHKH is a member of CK Hutchison Group Telecom Holdings Limited (“CKHGT”), which comprises the telecommunications business units of the CKHH Group in Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and the UK (under 3 Group Europe), Hong Kong and Macau. One of the CKHGT’s key initiatives is the establishment of a Climate Working Group to drive and accelerate climate-related mitigation and policy adoption across business units and set emission reduction targets.

The Environmental Policy of the Group represents its ongoing effort to instil operational efficiency whilst managing environmental impact. The Group encourages its suppliers, business partners and customers to respect the practices outlined in its policy.

Energy Efficiency Improvement for Network Infrastructure

The operations of the Group rely heavily on a network infrastructure which requires a continuous supply of power. As the number of connected devices and amount of transmitted data grow, energy consumption correspondingly increases. This is the most substantial challenge to the telecommunications industry seeking to reduce its carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency is a key in managing GHG emissions. The mobile network infrastructure accounts for the bulk of the total energy consumption of the Group. The Group is proactive in upgrading network equipment and installing energy-saving features to reduce energy usage, such as setting optimal temperature environments at offices and general facilities. The Group is increasingly employing energy-efficient technology while reducing the number of asset locations.

Optimising Resource Use

The Group endeavours to cut waste in its operations through reduction, reuse and recycling. Its continuous efforts to this end include streamlining procedures and processes to increase efficiency, digitalising internal workflows to reduce consumption of supplies such as paper, and procuring from recycled or sustainable sources.

Aside from managing the environmental impacts of its operations, the Group encourages its customers to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Customers can contribute to sustainability efforts at ease. The Group provides innovative digital services and solutions to enable customers in making environmentally responsible choices on how they live and work.

Ensuring Environment and Monitoring Compliance

The Group aims to set a positive example for stakeholders in environmental protection, and endeavours to integrate sustainability and climate change impact considerations into its business activities. The Group seeks to share this vision with its business partners, and aims to build a more sustainable future collectively. This is achieved by raising business partners’ awareness of environmental issues, eco-friendly practices and professional environmental considerations as outlined in the Supplier Code of Conduct of the Group.

The Group conducts its businesses in accordance with applicable environmental laws, rules and regulations. Regulatory frameworks within the Group are analysed and monitored, with internal policies prepared and updated accordingly. The Group strives to cultivate a greater internal awareness of environmental issues as it spearheads reductions in energy consumption and waste production. Internal communications, training and workshops are used to bolster employee awareness. Internal policies and compliance procedures are in place to reinforce understanding while stimulating change in employee behaviour.

For more information, please refer to the Company’s Sustainability Report.