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Hong Kong

History & Development

In Hong Kong, HTHKH provides advanced mobile telecommunications services under the brands of SUPREME, 3 Hong Kong, SoSIM and Mo+ through Hutchison Telephone Company Limited ("HTCL"), a subsidiary of HTHKH incorporated in Hong Kong.

HTHKH mobile business was granted a licence to operate an AMPS cellular radio telephone network in 1984 and commenced the provision of analogue mobile telecommunications services in 1985. We subsequently launched GSM services in 1995 and was the first operator in Hong Kong to launch a 3G service in 2004. The Group launched 4G LTE service in 2012 and activated a high-definition Voice over LTE facility in 2014 to enhance the overall 4G LTE user experience. We launched VoWi-Fi in 2015 to enhance indoor voice call quality and launched 4.5G service in 2016. The construction of an end-to-end NB-IoT network was completed the following year. In 2018, We upgraded the existing network architecture and completed 5G outdoor network trials in the 3.5 GHz and 28 GHz bands. We were the first to make a live outdoor broadcast via a 5G network in Hong Kong. In April 2020, the Group officially launched 5G services.

We terminated 2G services in 2021 to re-allocate spectrum resources for more advanced mobile services. During 2022, the Group activated its 700 MHz spectrum band for deep indoor penetration and wide coverage in rural areas. In 2023, the Group presented Hong Kong’s first-ever 5G live broadcast concert from a cruise ship at sea, marking a crucial milestone in the telecoms industry.

Services & Products

HTHKH offers a wide range of mobile telecommunications services and products targeting different segments.

SUPREME is a premium brand targeting the high-end customer market, offering high-spending customers exclusive and superior services and lifestyle privileges.

To find out more or subscribe to SUPREME services, please visit www.supreme.vip.

3 Hong Kong
3 Hong Kong offers advanced digital lifestyle and roaming services, as well as 5G Broadband, telemedicine, dietitian consultation, FinTech, gaming and music applications.

To find out more or subscribe to 3 Hong Kong's services, please visit www.three.com.hk.

The Group launched the SoSIM prepaid SIM card at over 400 Watsons and PARKnSHOP online and offline stores. The good-for-value prepaid SIM provides infinite 4G data for people from different walks of life who would like to be free from contractual obligation or to have a secondary SIM card.

To find out more or subscribe to SoSIM services, please visit https://www.sosimhk.com/web/index-en.html or go to PARKnSHOP and Watson’s stores.

MO+ offers a variety of infinity data plans at great prices. Its first-to-market Social Data Monthly SIM Plan enables media enthusiasts to enjoy non-stop browsing and messaging on the top 13 biggest social media platforms.

To find out more or subscribe to MO+ services, please visit https://www.mobileonline.hk/promo/moplus/index-en.html.

HTHKH also develops business and corporate solutions covering mobile business, information technology, smart city, Internet of Things and big data.

In 2021, we introduced the 5G Broadband service for both consumer and enterprise markets, providing a hassle-free solution for indoor high speed internet access.

The Group’s 5G network also enables applications such as 5G 4K live streaming, virtual reality and real-time data transfer. We furthered our efforts to expand the possibilities of 5G technology in 2022 with the implementation of a 5G smart car park solution and also helped schools deploy smart robots.

To find out more about 3BUSINESS services, please visit https://web.three.com.hk/3business/index.html.

Photo: Hong Kong Mobile Operation Photo: Hong Kong Mobile Operation

Photo: Hong Kong Mobile Operation Photo: Hong Kong Mobile Operation