The Group is committed to delivering exceptional employment experiences and creating excellent work environments for its workforce across Hong Kong and Macau.

Talent Development and Training

As the Group’s success depends on its ability to attract, retain and develop suitable talents in a competitive labour market, it is committed to creating opportunities for youth people and providing them with goals to aspire to. The Group works closely with educational institutions to recruit, develop and engage talents, offering extensive career opportunities for young people developing their skills, and providing them with a platform to shine. The Group encourages its employees to acquire future-fit skills by participating in a comprehensive array of training programmes to cultivate a high-performance workforce. Skills gaps are identified through a training needs analysis, and accordingly training is provided across a wide range of areas.

Talent Pool initiative
A programme aimed at identifying and nurturing employees with talents or exceptional potential by providing them with a range of development opportunities to foster their personal and professional growth and to create a pathway for long-term success. The Talent Pool initiative incorporates tailor-made training programmes, designed to address the unique development needs of each talented individual, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and capabilities to excel in their present and future positions.

Management and Innovation High Table Series
In order to enable employees to keep abreast of the latest innovation trends and technological advancements, the Group has been organising the Management and Innovation High Table Series since 2019. This series invites speakers from diverse sectors to share their expertise for various topics. In 2023, the Group organised two specific sessions on AI development and innovative technologies. These sessions were designed to help employees stay future-fit and get better-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Connecting with Employees

The Group respects the rights of its employees to express their views. A number of communication channels are in place to facilitate open and frank dialogue with employees. JoMeh, launched in 2021, continues to serve as an internal communications channel to share videos of business updates, as well as offering discounts and tour opportunities for employees. In an effort to promote vivid communication between senior management and employees, a series of C-level videos were introduced recently. These videos serve as an engaging platform for senior leaders to interact directly with the entire workforce, delivering compelling messages throughout the Group.

Employment Conditions and Benefits

The Group offers a range of benefits for employees that either comply with or exceed statutory requirements. These benefits include paid leave for maternity and paternity purposes, staff discounts, provision of smartphones and 5G SIM cards for both work and personal use, as well as long service awards. Furthermore, the Group provides all employees with pension and retirement benefits, and they are eligible for performance-based remuneration. To promote the overall health, happiness and well-being of its employees, and to crate a positive and thriving work environment, the Group implemented significant enhancements to employees’ annual leave entitlement in 2023.

Health, Safety and Well-being

The health, safety and well-being of employees are core values of the Group. The Group offers a robust welfare programme covering a range of areas related to well-being, including work-life balance, physical health, fitness and sports, balanced and nutritious diets, and mental health. The Group provides employees with flexible paid leave entitlements and maternity and paternity leave complying with or above statutory requirements. It also supports a 24-hour worldwide emergency hotline and medical insurance and retirement schemes as part of its extensive employee fringe benefits.

The Group is committed to creating a safe and healthy workplace. Employees are offered health and safety management programmes and related trainings based on the nature of their work and applicable safety standards. They can also access the latest health and safety information on the Company’s intranet. Refresher courses on relevant safety guidelines are provided periodically.

Monitoring Compliance

The Group is dedicated to promoting equitable employment practices and fostering diversity and equal opportunity across all aspects of its recruitment, promotion and working conditions. To ensure compliance with the Human Rights Policy and Code of Ethics, the Group places a strong focus on selecting and hiring employees based on their skills and abilities, without any form of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion or any other status protected by the laws. The Group strongly upholds a policy of providing equal opportunities to all employees, ensuring fairness in areas such as recruitment, compensation, training and development, promotions and other employment terms. The Group also strictly prohibits the use of child and/or forced labour. Rigorous measures and audits are taken to prevent unethical practices. All reports of impropriety and misconduct are handled in accordance with the Group’s Whistleblowing Policy.

Key governance and sustainability policies and guidelines of the Group, the Corporate Governance Report and the Sustainability Report are posted on the website of the Company.



The Group is dedicated to making the local community a better place and creating long-lasting value for its stakeholders. It seeks to maintain long-term partnerships with local communities and charities through mutually beneficial programmes and encourages its employees to take part in volunteering activities.

Community Contributions

The Group aims to establish enduring partnership with local communities and charitable organisations through its engagement in mutually beneficial programmes. It also promotes employee participation in volunteer work.

Key sustainability policies and guidelines of the Group, and the Sustainability Report are posted on the website of the Company.

(Updated to 5 March 2024)