The Group is committed to fostering a collaborative and diverse working environment for its employees and offering equal opportunities to all its stakeholders.

Talent Development and Training

As the Group’s success depends on its ability to attract, retain and develop suitable talents in a competitive labour market, it is committed to creating opportunities for youth people and providing them with goals to aspire to. The Group works closely with educational institutions to recruit, develop and engage talents, offering extensive career opportunities for young people developing their skills, and providing them with a platform to shine. The Group encourages its employees to acquire future-fit skills by participating in a comprehensive array of training programmes to cultivate a high-performance workforce. Skills gaps are identified through a training needs analysis, and accordingly training is provided across a wide range of areas.

Connecting with Employees

The Group respects the rights of its employees to express their views. A number of communication channels including seminars, workshops are in place to facilitate open dialogue with employees. JoMeh, launched in 2021 continues to be the internal video communications channel to share videos of business updates. Employees are encouraged to exchange viewpoints and ideas through these media. Feedback and suggestions from employees are important in shaping the talent management practices of the Group.

Health, Safety and Well-being

The health, safety and well-being of employees are core values of the Group. The Group offers a robust welfare programme covering a range of areas related to well-being, including work-life balance, physical health, fitness and sports, balanced and nutritious diets, and mental health. The Group provides employees with flexible paid leave entitlements and maternity and paternity leave complying with or above statutory requirements. It also supports a 24-hour worldwide emergency hotline and medical insurance and retirement schemes as part of its extensive employee fringe benefits.

The Group is committed to creating a safe and healthy workplace. Employees are offered health and safety management programmes and related trainings based on the nature of their work and applicable safety standards. They can also access the latest health and safety information on the Company’s intranet. Refresher courses on relevant safety guidelines are provided periodically.

Monitoring Compliance

The Group adheres to fair employment practices and promotes diversity and equal opportunity in its recruitment and promotion processes and working conditions. Employees are hired and selected based on their skill sets and abilities, regardless of their race, gender or religion. The Group has zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment of any kind, including but not limited to unwelcome and offensive conduct (whether verbal, physical or visual) based on a person’s gender, relationship status, disability or other factors. The Group also strictly prohibits the use of child and/or forced labour. Rigorous measures and audits are taken to prevent unethical practices. The Group complies with all applicable labour standards, employment guidelines and regulations, and all labour-related legislation relevant to its operations.

Key governance and sustainability policies and guidelines of the Group, the Corporate Governance Report and the Sustainability Report are posted on the website of the Company.



The Group is dedicated to making the local community a better place and creating long-lasting value for its stakeholders. It seeks to maintain long-term partnerships with local communities and charities through mutually beneficial programmes and encourages its employees to take part in volunteering activities.

Overcoming the Pandemic Together

Since the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has made a devastating impact on individuals and businesses around the world. During these challenging times, the Group has remained committed to maintaining its outstanding service level, while at the same time reaching out to support those adversely affected in the community.

Diversified Community Support

The Group is committed to giving back to the communities it serves through broad and diverse outreach initiatives encompassing activities in education, youth engagement, and elderly support among others.

Key sustainability policies and guidelines of the Group, and the Sustainability Report are posted on the website of the Company.

(Updated to 28 February 2023)