Sustainable Business Model and Innovation


As the telecommunications industry changes rapidly, it faces significant pressure from technological advances and rising consumer expectations. Apart from delivering sustainable value to its customers through digital connectivity, the Group endeavours to provide safe, reliable and high-quality products and network services that meet and surpass customer expectations.

Climate Resilient Business

The telecommunications industry is trending toward providing digital solutions and adopting 5G-connected technologies. These advancements are designed to enhance efficiency and facilitate reductions in greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions for customers. By embracing digital solutions and leveraging the power of 5G connectivity, the Group is actively working towards optimising operations, streamlining processes and minimising environmental impact. The integration of digital solutions and 5G technology enables customers to leverage cutting-edge tools and platforms that drive productivity, reduce resource consumption and contribute to a greener future.

5G Flood Detection Solution for Smart Car Parks
Recently, Hong Kong experienced severe weather conditions, resulting in widespread flooding, including underground car parks where vehicles were nearly submerged. To grapple with these challenges, a customised 5G Flood Detection Solution tailored to the specific features of each car park has been launched. Experts will first visit car parks and strategically place highly sensitive smart sensors in suitable locations such as walls or near drainage areas. These sensors will transmit real-time data to servers via the Group’s ultra-fast 5G network, connecting to the cloud. Property management companies will receive instant notifications though a mobile application, enabling them to take immediate actions to minimise potential damages.

Digital Inclusion

To ensure the safety and well-being of elderly customers, our Group has provided free Incoming Calls Management Pack to allow customers aged 65 and above to enjoy hassle-free mobile service while safeguarding against scams, and we pride ourselves on being the first local mobile operator to provide seniors with this service. Additionally, our Group caters to the diverse needs of the elderly by offering a range of services such as Lo-Yau-Kee Monthly Service Plans Sponsorship, "Safety Phones," and data service sponsorship. We also organise workshops in collaboration with Yan Chai Hospital to educate seniors about using mobile apps, raise awareness about anti-scam measures, and provide information about telephone deception.

Sustainable Product Choices

Conventional SIM cards are typically manufactured using plastic frames packaged with paper instruction leaflets and plastic packaging. Recognising the environmental impacts of these components, the Group is committed to transitioning to sustainable material sourcing. Most of the SIM cards are presented in naked packaging, with QR codes and online enquiry websites directly printed on the card. This enables customers to access online product information and complete real-name registration without the need for paper instruction leaflets

EcoSIM Cards
These SIM cards are sourced and manufactured by suppliers using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. In addition, they are certified as carbon neutral products, with calculated carbon footprint offset through a certified model that supports emission reduction initiatives and projects.

(Updated to 5 March 2024)