Commitment to Our People

Our People

The Group aims to create superb customer experiences that connect people. To do so, the Group is committed to fostering a collaborative and diverse working environment for its employees, underpinned by the principle of treating people with dignity and respect, and by offering equal opportunities to all stakeholders.

The Group is committed to creating a positive, respectful and safe workplace that allows employees to enjoy a quality of life while driving performance and productivity. The Group recognises that building employee skills through continuous development programmes is essential for driving business performance and sustainability. Employees are encouraged to exchange viewpoints and ideas. Feedback and suggestions from employees are important in shaping the talent management practices of the Group.

Health and safety management programmes and related trainings are offered to employees based on the nature of their work and applicable safety standards. Employees can also access the latest health and safety information on the intranet. Periodic refresher courses are provided to employees to stress the importance of the relevant safety guidelines.

For more information, please refer to the Company's Corporate Governance Report.